7 – Day Forgiveness Challenge – Day 2

Hi to each of you! I hope your exercise for  yesterday went well and that you are willing to read on and participate in the challenge, to consider forgiveness as an option in your life. Remember, you’re starting with just one person.

Today the task is to identify one person with whom you are angry and resentful, with whom you are holding a grudge. Just one. That way, you can focus your attention clearly and razor-sharp.

So… you have the one person identified. What I want you to do now is to write down what it is they did that you resent. Be specific in your writing… describe the event, the happening. Remember to write with your “other” hand, as that will bring up more feelings and thoughts from the subconscious part of yourself.

Allow yourself to feel the feelings of anger, hurt, etc., that arise, and write about these feelings. Feel how wrong what they did was, but don’t go to the place of pity, or playing the victim. Just acknowledge it. Then, write about what comes up for you.

Try not to numb these feelings with substances. Instead, merely notice what you are feeling as objectively  as possible. I know that’s hard to do… just try. Otherwise you’ll be fuming all day and you don’t want to go there for the entire day.

See a lot of your anger as hurt and try to write about this, again, as objectively as possible. Certainly, you are going to get some “charge” out as you write. Allow it to flow through you and onto the page.

When you have written this down, set it aside for the day. We will return tomorrow and continue with the next step in the forgiveness process.  Rather than be rattled all day over this, be calm in the knowledge that you will come to resolve this issue within yourself.



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