Shadows of Doubt

“I circle and circle and circle around the stones of my heart, caged, unable to pass through to the place where my heart is bathed in light.”

This describes what goes on inside of myself when I am in doubt. For me, it takes the form of doubt of self and then doubt in a higher power. I am struggliing right now with both of these issues, so let’s look at them further.

When I take action and that action is continually met with a closed door, i.e., things do not work out smoothly and easily, I begin to doubt that I am on the right track. Then I lose confidence in myself and slip into discouragement, and, if bad enough, despair.

I am dealing with discouragement about why people do not seem interested in my book. Requests to have it reviewed and to get newspaper coverage have been met with silence.  Bookstores seem disinterested. The danger is that I lose my enthusiasm to present the book to the public. That enthusiasm is momentarily displaced…

How does one deal with doubt? Perhaps talking with a higher power is helpful for some.  When one questions that such a power exists, it makes it more difficult. That is the current case for me. So, what to do?

Personally, I keep taking action, baby steps, doing the things I can do to move the book along that do not require speaking with others, such as creating a power point presentation. I look at the things that are going right, like being scheduled for two reading/signing events out-of-state. I focus on my gratitude for those two events, and soon, my attitude is changed and I am able to approach others with enthusiasm.

This is how it works for me. How about you?



  1. When we get to doubt, I’ll discuss each of these two issues… Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you are enjoying the content. Hope you come back again.


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  6. My hat is off to your atsute command over this topic—bravo!

  7. Hi Dan,

    Sorry to take so long to reply to your comment… I haven’t been on my site often enough in the past several days. That discouragement continued for those days, but it has now cleared. I want to thank you so much for your ever-present support. Your way of dealing with your discouragement from your book is perfect… recognizing you wrote a quality manuscript and then persevering in its presentation to the world. It means a great deal to me that you passed that encouragement along. 🙂 Thank you.

    I am now headed to your blog post about faith comes through doubting. I appreciate the link and you’ll most likely have a comment from me over there. Have a great day!

  8. Carolyn – I do understand being mystified and at times discouraged by the lack of interest in the book you have published. I have experienced that as well. In the face of so much competition in terms of the sheer volume of books being published, I have to remind myself that I have crafted a quality manuscript, and just persevere!

    What came to mind was a post on my blog about how I realized doubt was part of the process that strengthened my faith. I hope it helps some like it helped me. Here’s the link to it:


  1. […] The doubt to which I referred in this verse was doubt of myself, as well as of a power greater than myself. Let’s look at both of these issues in two separate posts… […]

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