Finding Joy in the Simple Things

Good morning! I have been having difficulty with my computer for the last few days. It keeps freezing and crashing on me… before I can type in the blog. Let’s see how far I can get today. I liked the query about joy… finding joy in the simple things, so let’s move forward and discuss this.

Burst of Joy

Joy is an emotion of elation and, more quietly, of extreme contentment. When we experience joy, we are in the present moment, noticing that which is around us with gentle and appreciative eyes and heart. When experiencing joy, we are fulfilled with the most basic and simple things.

Even in the midst of my computer trying to die on me through its crashing and freezing, I have experienced joy. How in the world did that happen and why in the world would I even be thinking about joy, you might ask? Well, every time it crashed and I had to wait for it to restart, I was able to look around me at my surroundings, which brought me great joy and contentment. The way I have my home decorated brings peace to my soul.

There are other ways to experience joy in the midst of difficult times. You see, joy is expressing delight, or rejoicing in what we have. Even in the midst of a difficult time, we can turn our attention to the little things around us that delight us, in which we can rejoice. It may be as simple as a little flower in all its wonder, or it may be something as profound as watching another human being, especially a child, as they navigate their day.

Joy is found in the little things that are occurring constantly around us, every day, all day. All we need to do is make the decision to look for joy in our world. This takes willingness to turn our attention from our strife and trouble, and focus on something else for a moment. In that moment, we become refreshed, making it easier to cope with our troubles.

Where do you find joy in the simple things of your life? What brings you delight, even when you are stressed? We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment and let us know how joy manifests in your life.



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