Have Joy, Wonder, and Peace When You Live Your Dream

Moments of Wonder

The exciting news is that once you have gone through the process I have been blogging about, you will find joy, wonder, and peace. This is especially true when you are following your dream.

You can make the conscious choice to experience joy and wonder, and when you do, you will know peace. Let’s consider wonder first.

Promise of Peace

If you approach everything as if it is a gift, an amazing creation, you will begin to see the world with eyes of wonder. Everything will seem to be a miracle in its creation.

Consider the image Moments of Wonder, above and to the left. I took that photo in February 2004, and it wasn’t until November of that year that I noticed the star. Now it is all I see. And in the moment I noticed it, I was filled with wonder. Hence, its title.

When you choose to see everything in wonder and awe, you will notice you are experiencing joy on a regular basis. This joy will be a feeling of delight and excitement in everything you do and experience.

Burst of Joy

I never thought I would ever in my life experience joy. For 48 years until I got sober, and then about three years of my sobriety, I was mired in bitterness and anger, hurt and pain… confusion. Then, I discovered forgiveness.

Since that point, I have been able to experience joy. It was such a new experience that I had difficulty receiving it. Today, I am in sync with my emotions and can actually be with joy.

When you are in joy and wonder, you will know peace. It is such a freeing sensation, peace is. It’s like, you see the world in a whole new light, with a deep knowingness.

Today, create wonder in your life for everything you encounter. Remember, it is a choice. When you choose this, you will experience joy, and then, you will experience peace. Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you. Follow your dream. It is the gateway to wonder, joy, and peace.


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