How to Live in the Moment

Knowing how to live in the moment is a blessing and an acquired skill. At least, that has been my experience. It is a blessing because it brings peace of mind to you whose minds are always turning, fretting over the past or the future. This would be me, both in the past and all-too-often in the future…

Once you focus on what is immediately in front of you, there is no way your mind can be cluttered with worry or doubt, past or future. Sometimes, when we learn how to live in the moment, it is as simple as looking at a flower and marveling in its beauty.

Sometimes, you have a project you are working on, and simply focusing on the next task involved with your project will help you live in the moment. Become totally immersed and absorbed by each small task, one at a time, and soon you will see that you are in the moment.

In the Moment

Moments of Wonder

What you will find in these moments of present, are moments of wonder at the beauty and rightness all around you. Hence, the title of the photo to the left. I took this photo in February of 2004, and it wasn’t until November of that year that I saw this star. That was because I could not slow down and just look at what was in front of me.

In fact, I had to stand away from the image, across the room, before I saw the star, shining like a beacon. In that moment that I saw it, I was struck with wonder. Thus, this photo was easy to title…



Here are a few tips to help you learn how to live in the moment:

  •  Slow down. Stop your action, whether of your mind, body or both.
  • Pick an object upon which to focus your attention. Often, things from nature work well.
  • Consciously examine the small, intricate details of the object and marvel at their presence.
  • Recognizing that you are living that moment in the present, turn your attention to a project at hand. 
  • Determine the very next step that has to be taken. Focus on that step, and that step alone.
  • Complete that step, that task, and keep your mind on it and nothing else. If your mind strays, bring yourself back to the task in front of you.
  • Once that step is completed, choose the next step to be completed, and focus on it alone.
  • Repeat this process, again and again, focusing only on what is right in front of you to do.

Soon you will find that you are living in the moment. I say this like it is easy to do, and like I am a master at it. Heavens, no, I am not. In fact, I just got back from a family reunion at which I had a terrible time focusing on the moment, as I was so busy worrying about the future. I missed a lot because I did not focus on what was going on right in front of me. I am sad about that now. Of course, it cannot be changed, but perhaps, I can do better next time. It just takes mindfulness.

May you do well as you practice how to live in the moment and to find wonder there.



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