Meet Carolyn CJ Jones –  Author, Speaker, Coach
~ Empowering You to Resolve Resentment & Forgive ~ 

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If you are searching for control of your life, wanting to find peace & freedom, CJ is your leader. She has extensive experience in the transformation of her own life & thus, is able to provide a safe & nurturing environment in which to do the heart-work of change. From CJ’s powerful stories, you gain the confidence & courage to begin the journey to more peace & freedom in your own life. 



Presentation Topics

Speaking topics are described below. Through all of her stories, CJ shares inspiration & hope for listeners. The allotted time for each talk is based on your needs, commonly ten minutes long. This can be negotiated. 

Gratitude Again??? 

CJ shares her comical & insightful story about gratitude & shows that by practicing it, you can change the way you live your life & thus, experience peace & positivity. 

Freedom from Resentment 

You gain a new perspective on your difficulties, as you look with fresh eyes. You begin to empower yourself through the use of gratitude, compassion & forgiveness. 

The Art of Forgiveness 

You discover ways in which you can create compassion & forgiveness in your life, thus, creating a space in which joy, hope & empowerment can flourish. 

As a Participant, You Benefit by Gaining… 

  • The start of freedom from resentment. 
  • Tools to use to heal & mend relationships. 
  • More harmony at home & at work as a result. 
  • A deeper connection with yourself and others. 
  • A gentler, softer way to see the world & yourself. 


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What People Are Saying About CJ

“CJ is a powerful storyteller – entertaining & life- changing at the same time. I was touched & inspired.” ~ Lynne Sagen, Empowerment Coach

“CJ’s talk was a rich tapestry of wisdom & humor, based on her own powerful life transformation.”  ~ Sumaya O’Grady, Soul Alchemist

“CJ is a powerful leader who creates a safe space for people to share, grow & move forward with purpose.” ~ Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Women’s Empowerment Leader

“Carolyn is a fabulous public speaker whose calm nature deeply relaxes her audience & allows her message of forgiveness to remain strong.” ~ Cailen Wright, San Francisco Soroptimist Club


Past Speaking Engagements

    • College of Marin, Kentfield, CA, Current instructor
    • National Alliance for Mental Illness, December 2019
    • San Quentin State Prison, April 2018
    • Nat’l Women’s Empowerment Conference, 2016
    • Speak Your Truth Nat’l Women’s Conference, 2015
    • Conducted two all-day workshops, 2015, 2016



CJ is an international bestselling, multi-award-winning author, a forgiveness instructor & coach, as well as a motivational speaker. Her first book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, was the recipient of a Silver Medal for World Peace in the 2018 Living Now Evergreen Book Awards. Her second book, The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace, is an international bestseller. Her passion is leading others through the process she learned in the course of her own life’s transformation.

In her tumultuous journey, CJ transitioned from an angry, bitter, blaming, victim who, for thirty adult years, blamed her childhood for her troubles, and drank & drugged heavily over it, to the sober woman she is today, at peace.

CJ’s rich & humorous style draws in her audience, leaving them filled with the hope that happiness & joy, peace & freedom, are achievable for them.