What People Are Saying About CJ’s Speaking…


“You created a heart-centered event full of love, transformation, and healing! It was a rich experience to attend your event!”    ~ Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Community Leader, Author, Entrepreneur


CJ’s event was magical. She came through fire to quiet joy and then she tells you how to do that. I wouldn’t have missed this event. It was soul-food.” 

Sumaya, Soul Alchemist March 23, 2016

“Kudos on a beautifully moving and meaningful talk. I’m not sure you’ll know how deeply your words touched us…”     CJ – you were really ON as you always are – connecting with our souls… Your message is so very powerful and transformative!”
Harriet Tubman Wright, Certified Soul Coach

January 23, 2015

“CJ leads a warm and inviting initiation into the often difficult passage of forgiveness with compassion, wisdom, and wit. Her gentle nurturing presence creates a safe place for letting go and letting be. Excellent!”
Will Chang, Transformational Coach

January 23, 2015

“Carolyn is a fabulous public speaker whose calm nature deeply relaxes her audience and allows her message of forgiveness to remain strong. She has taken the hardest parts of her experience and transformed them into lessons we can all learn from.”
Cailen Wright, Vice President, San Francisco Soroptimist Club

January 23, 2015