Experiencing Awe and Wonder in Sobriety

Moments of Wonder

Ah, I am back from the computer’s little vacation. I hope you are enjoying the new look of my website… The forgiveness article is yet to come, and I appreciate your patience.

In our pursuit of sobriety, serenity, and peace, living a life filled with awe and wonder will get us closer to our desired goal. It will lighten our heart, and delight our being.

All it takes is a decision to look at every little thing around us and find awe and wonder in it. For example… the star in the photograph to the left. I did not see that when I snapped the photo, nor did I see it for about nine months after that.

Then one day, I had all my gate photographs leaning up against the wall, and I was standing back, looking at them. I looked at this photo and saw the star, beaming at me from across the room.

I stopped in amazement! In that moment, I was struck with awe and wonder. Hence, the title for the image.

Since that time, I made the resolve to notice the small things around me. I do this every day, and every day, I notice something that strikes me with awe, and I feel wonder at the creation I am observing. It can be an object or another person, but I always find something about which to be in awe and wonder. It just comes naturally now

We can all do this. As I said, it takes a decision, and then it takes slowing down each day to notice the world around us. If we start with something like a flower, we will notice its delicacy, its beauty, and we will be touched with awe and wonder. When we are, our sobriety softens and we find our way to serenity and peace. We will find that we are useful to others because we are often inspiring to them. 

Today, take the time to make the decision to look at the world around you more closely than you currently do. Make the decision to see it with awe and wonder.  Don’t you feel lighter, filled with awe and wonder? If you do this, it will help your sobriety and your journey to serenity and peace.



Have Joy, Wonder, and Peace When You Live Your Dream

Moments of Wonder

The exciting news is that once you have gone through the process I have been blogging about, you will find joy, wonder, and peace. This is especially true when you are following your dream.

You can make the conscious choice to experience joy and wonder, and when you do, you will know peace. Let’s consider wonder first.

Promise of Peace

If you approach everything as if it is a gift, an amazing creation, you will begin to see the world with eyes of wonder. Everything will seem to be a miracle in its creation.

Consider the image Moments of Wonder, above and to the left. I took that photo in February 2004, and it wasn’t until November of that year that I noticed the star. Now it is all I see. And in the moment I noticed it, I was filled with wonder. Hence, its title.

When you choose to see everything in wonder and awe, you will notice you are experiencing joy on a regular basis. This joy will be a feeling of delight and excitement in everything you do and experience.

Burst of Joy

I never thought I would ever in my life experience joy. For 48 years until I got sober, and then about three years of my sobriety, I was mired in bitterness and anger, hurt and pain… confusion. Then, I discovered forgiveness.

Since that point, I have been able to experience joy. It was such a new experience that I had difficulty receiving it. Today, I am in sync with my emotions and can actually be with joy.

When you are in joy and wonder, you will know peace. It is such a freeing sensation, peace is. It’s like, you see the world in a whole new light, with a deep knowingness.

Today, create wonder in your life for everything you encounter. Remember, it is a choice. When you choose this, you will experience joy, and then, you will experience peace. Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you. Follow your dream. It is the gateway to wonder, joy, and peace.


Living In Awe and Wonder

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. Today we continue on in my book Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, and we come to wonder. Learning to live with awe and wonder helps a great deal in our search for our goals of continued sobriety and inner peace. 

Moments of Wonder

Moments of Wonder

“A beam of light falls upon the metal. I look with awe and wonder at the star that appears… out of nowhere.

“Do you suppose there has always been such richness, such wonder, such beauty in the world? Perhaps, it has been there all along, waiting to be noticed, to be seen with the eyes of the heart.”

When I took this photo, I did not see the star formed by the sun’s reflection on the metal. In fact, it took me several months to notice it.

It wasn’t until I stood back across the room and looked at the photo, that I saw the star. I was struck with awe and wonder in that monent. Hence, the title for this image.

There are moments of awe and wonder all around us, if we just take the time to notice and look with our heart. It takes being still for a moment, to gaze around us at all that is vast and wondrous.

When we are still, even for brief moments, we will notice the hearty flowers, growing at the side of the road. Or, we will notice the little girl, so excited about discovering sand for the first time.

In our busy and often hectic day, we forget to just pause, to notice all that is so amazing right around us, surrounding us. When we take that moment, it goes a long way to furthering our peace of mind and our ability to continue living sober.

Today, slow down long enough to notice one amazing thing around you. Do this three times a day. Then tomorrow, do it every couple of hours and the next, every hour. Continue this until you are constantly seeing your entire world with wonder. Feel the inner peace that is generated.



Live with Wonder in Your Life and Be Fulfilled

To live with wonder in your life is to be filled with awe at the simple things around you. All you have to do is slow down and notice…

Moments of Wonder

Moments of Wonder

The verse asks the question if there has always been such richness, such beauty in the world. “Perhaps, it has been there all along, waiting to be noticed, to be seen with the eyes of the heart.”

The story behind this photo explains quite well the concept of noticing things around you. I took this picture in February or March of 2004, I never noticed the star, not for months.

Then, in November of that year, when I was titling all my photos, I had them lined up around the room. I was standing across the room when I noticed the star in this image.

In that moment, I was filled with wonder and awe at that star which appeared out of nowhere! Hence, the title Moments of Wonder. More to the point was that I slowed down enough to notice the star.

We tend to race around in life, ever faster and faster, trying to keep up. In that process, we miss the little things all around us; we just don’t have the time to notice them. That was me, at any rate.

I believe that when we slow down and notice the little things in our lives, we will be fulfilled, and we will begin to know more peace.

It can be as simple as noticing the beautiful, long shadows on the sidewalk that appear in the late afternoon, or the baby tears that are growing among the rocks in your yard. It can be seeing the delight on the face of a child, eager to learn, to see, and to grow.

Opportunities are all around you; there are a million things to see right within your own home. I invite you to look with eyes of newness at the simplest things and marvel over them – their presence, how their existence simplifies your life, their beauty. 

Notice the small things. What happens to your perspective when you do that? Are you filled with a sense of wonder, a sense of awe? Leave us a comment and let us know what you see that brings wonder to you.




See The World With Wonder

Moments of Wonder

Good morning, all! Thank you for your faithfulness as I get it together to get on a consistent blogging schedule.

Do you see the star in this picture? It took me months before I saw it, and I only saw it when I put the image against the wall and stepped back. Then, I saw it! That star which appeared… out of nowhere. I was struck with awe and wonder in that moment and, hence, the title Moments of Wonder.

Wonder is a beautiful thing, as so many things can be seen with wonder… the delicate innards of a flower, the flight of a hummingbird, a parent comforting an upset child with soothing words and actions, an older person, getting around even though difficult, the majesty of a sunset…

There is wonder everywhere, if only we take the time and are in the mindset to see things in that manner. Everything becomes a wonder, a marvel, not just the obvious things like a beautiful scene in nature.

It seems that when seeing things with wonder, our gratitude for everything increases, and joy and peace descend upon us. Our heart opens…

What are the things which lead you to see the world with wonder?


Choosing to Look at the World With Wonder

Moments of Wonder

wonder “A beam of light falls upon the metal. I look with awe and wonder at the star that appears… out of nowhere.

Do you suppose there has always been such richness, such wonder, such beauty in the world? Perhaps it has been there all along, waiting to be noticed, to be seen with the eyes of the heart.”

I find that when I choose to look with wonder at the world, I see amazing and wondrous things around me. When I choose to slow down, to stop and look right next to me, beauty is there, just waiting patiently to be seen.

I find it in my physical surroundings… the moss by my feet, with its delicate shoots. It doesn’t have to be as spectacular as the rainbow in the distant sky; I see wonder in the simple things… the spider in his intricately woven web, the bloom of a rose.

I find it in the people around me… the child in the grocery cart in front of me in line, excitedly discovering the world around him, the elderly couple walking hand-in-hand, the woman quietly at rest, watching the sunset.

Wonder is everywhere, if I choose to look, if I choose to see. For me, it is a choice I learned once I became sober. It didn’t happen overnight. I had to get past my fears that I was unsafe in the world, past the feelings of worthlessness enough to be interested in the world around me. I had to learn to get out of myself, to let go of operating from that place of self-centered fear.

It took conducting a self-appraisal, looking at myself with honesty, identifying how unconscious I was to the world and its gifts, identifying how inside of myself I stayed, not venturing out to open myself to others.. not fully anyway.

Once I became willing to slow down and really look with my heart at those around me, my surroundings, I began to see it all with such wonder, such awe. It’s the simple things that I find I notice now, that touch my heart, bring a smile to my face, a tear of joy to my eye. It is that joy which keeps me returning to the choice to see with the eyes of my heart… to see with wonder.

What are the things in your life which bring you to wonder and awe?