Live with Wonder in Your Life and Be Fulfilled

To live with wonder in your life is to be filled with awe at the simple things around you. All you have to do is slow down and notice…

Moments of Wonder

Moments of Wonder

The verse asks the question if there has always been such richness, such beauty in the world. “Perhaps, it has been there all along, waiting to be noticed, to be seen with the eyes of the heart.”

The story behind this photo explains quite well the concept of noticing things around you. I took this picture in February or March of 2004, I never noticed the star, not for months.

Then, in November of that year, when I was titling all my photos, I had them lined up around the room. I was standing across the room when I noticed the star in this image.

In that moment, I was filled with wonder and awe at that star which appeared out of nowhere! Hence, the title Moments of Wonder. More to the point was that I slowed down enough to notice the star.

We tend to race around in life, ever faster and faster, trying to keep up. In that process, we miss the little things all around us; we just don’t have the time to notice them. That was me, at any rate.

I believe that when we slow down and notice the little things in our lives, we will be fulfilled, and we will begin to know more peace.

It can be as simple as noticing the beautiful, long shadows on the sidewalk that appear in the late afternoon, or the baby tears that are growing among the rocks in your yard. It can be seeing the delight on the face of a child, eager to learn, to see, and to grow.

Opportunities are all around you; there are a million things to see right within your own home. I invite you to look with eyes of newness at the simplest things and marvel over them – their presence, how their existence simplifies your life, their beauty. 

Notice the small things. What happens to your perspective when you do that? Are you filled with a sense of wonder, a sense of awe? Leave us a comment and let us know what you see that brings wonder to you.