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Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing

“As I read the verse accompanying each gorgeous photograph of gates, I felt my heart open as if this book was some kind of universal energetic key, and I sensed such a rush of love, acceptance and understanding as I have seldom felt from any book before.” ~Cynthia Sue Larson, Book Reviewer

“I opened the book and found something much richer and more wonderful than the photos (which are just breathtaking).  Somehow, the author has married beautiful photography and beautiful words.” ~ Carol Perry, Book Reviewer, Blogger

“Carolyn’s deep vulnerability encourages and helps me gain access to the deepest corners of my heart that I can’t get to by myself.” ~ Alyse Benjamin, Writer/Poet

“This book reaches the soul who struggles. The ‘Opening the Gates of the Heart’ experience is filled with unrestricted emotion, illuminating the imagery that reveals a pathway to the soul.” ~ Norman A. Woods, N-Side, Jazz Poet

“This is a lovely celebration of those who have been on the journey, and an invitation to those for whom the journey awaits.” ~ Mike Farrell, Actor, Activist, and Author of Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist, and Of Mule and Man

“Carolyn Jones’ photographs and words are a touching and inspiring testament to how inner and outer worlds often mirror each other. This is a book of visual poetry filled with the wisdom of being truly human.”  ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Author of The Invitation

“Carolyn Jones’ ‘Opening the Gates of the Heart’ is a jewel beyond price. It strikes the perfect balance of beauty in word and image. Her journey from a sense of isolation and despair to self acceptance and love is an inspiration. The perfect gift for all seasons and occasions.” ~ Caroline McKinnon, Writer, Blogger

“Nothing is so painful as a closed heart” (UK) I have found that to be true. I have also found an exquisite way of opening my heart in the pages of ‘Opening the Gates of the Heart.’ The photos are artful, causing me to view gateways & openings with a different eye; the poems the author took from her own journals reflect not only her journey of healing but a way of making my own journey to my own destination. A beautiful & courageous book.” ~ Sybyl Ownchild, Retired

“Carolyn’s is a story of courage that anyone who has won a battle or is fighting a battle should read. It brought tears to my eyes. It brought me hope.” ~ Leslie Ellis, Insurance Agent

” You have a wonderful book/story because so much wisdom, truth and beauty are shared in it. Your presentation reminds me of devotionals I’ve read that fed my spirit. I’ll never look at wrought iron gates the same way ever again. Thank you. Your book [will] serve recovering alcoholics and others who need inspiration in our troubled times, which includes just about everybody.” ~ Ronald Peterson, Freelance Writer, Editor

“This gorgeous, inspirational, coffee table book is a life saver for those who are seeking healing through beautiful images of gates with poetic words which match the theme of each gate. I was so impressed with the quality and substance of this book.” ~ Denise Grier, Book Reviewer

“I love how I can open your book to any page and begin, and I think each gate carries a message that relates to everyone’s life journey in some way.”  ~ Susan Featro, High School Teacher, Composer, Musician

“This is a gem! I do believe [Carolyn’s] book will touch the hearts of many people all around the world. It will give them hope.” ~ Ursula Kauth, Marketing Consultant

“What an amazing piece of work you have created! Awesome!”  ~ Jo Solem, Creator, Pathways to Joy

“Your writing comes across as honest, genuine, and coming from the full experience of suffering and release. The prose has its own, quite distinctive meditative rhythms and musicality.” ~ Julia Moore, Editor of a fine-art textbook

“Look at one or two of Carolyn Jones’s incredibly beautiful photographs of gates, and you’ll keep turning the pages until you’ve marveled at them all. A true artist in both visuals and words, her accompanying prose is magical as well… ‘Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing’ traces Carolyn’s journey from despair to serenity and is cause for celebration.” ~ Linda Jay, Writer/Editor, Editor of Opening the Gates of the Heart

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“Carolyn Jones has given us beautiful photographs and beautiful prose in her book “Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing.” But the real magic is that she is able to make us feel and see her story through her heart, eyes, mind and soul as she becomes “aware”, begins to heal, and becomes once again alive in the world. I did not so much read this book as experience it. I found myself torn between wanting to share it with everyone I know and wanting it keep it just for myself. I read the book from cover to cover in the first sitting and the experience was one of being opened up much like the gates in the book. How extraordinary! What a gift this writer has! I would recommend this book to everyone who has ever had or is having very hard times. I think it would make a wonderful book for book clubs, for group therapy of any and every kind, for treatment facilities of every kind, for psychology classes from Junior High and up, for those who are grieving, and for anyone who has ever lost their way.” ~ Acelia Roberts, Registered Nurse

“It won’t take long for anyone reading this book to understand that it is special and unique. Anyone who needs a spiritual lift will get it by spending time reading the poetic prose and enjoying the beautiful photos that creatively add another dimension to the soul-searching, uplifting words. I look forward to spending lots of time reading it again and again because, like a good devotional, it refreshes my spirit each time I read it.” ~ Ron Peterson, Freelance Writer, Editor

“This is a book that transcends its own genre; the lyrical prose and exquisite photography combine in a harmonic voice that can resonate with anyone, but clearly emanates from the author herself. It’s an eloquent reminder to pause, reflect upon the beauty around and within us, and continue the never-ending challenge of being at peace on this earth. I can’t imagine spending 45 minutes with this book and ever looking at a rusty gate the same way again. Perfect for a bedside, coffee-table, or a gift. Perhaps its greatest beauty is how you can open it to any page, spend a single minute, and be quickly calmed toward a meditative state of mind.” ~ Tim Wiggins, Writer, Filmmaker

“I like this book very much. The messages will appeal to those on a journey of self discovery, who want to really look at themselves from the inside out. The author speaks about her own personal journey, starting from feelings of low self-esteem and fear to fulfillment and joy. Then there are the photographs! These are real works of art and for me are the highlight of the book. Each page shows a beautiful original photo of a gate, with accompanying prose matching the photo. I recommend this book highly.” ~ Erlys Jedlicka, Retired

“Opening the Gates of the Heart is a work of great beauty and authenticity. Carolyn (CJ) Jones has given us a glimpse inside of sacred spaces and shared her journey with us, the lucky reader. I was fortunate to see this book in the days before it was published and told the author then that I wanted my very own copy. It now holds a place of honor on my table.”  ~ Kerry Hargraves, Designer

“You will never look at a gate in the same way after you read this book.  Creatively illustrated with thoughts from the author, this is a book that one will reflect on and reread. Covering many different aspects of life, topics include acceptance of self, perseverance, tolerance, gratitude,  to name only a few of the topics. Carolyn CJ Jones shares her story, a story that many of us can relate to.  What is different about this book is the author’s talents as a photographer.  You will be amazed by the photographs and how they in themselves tell a story.   Share in this journey of a woman told with words of wisdom and reflection through gates. I would recommend this book for anyone who is or who has faced challenges in life.  It would also make a great gift.  And, is a wonderful coffee table book to spark discussion. The book is an easy read but one where reflection of the photo and the words can take you on your own journey of discovery.” ~ Christine Pulsifer, Book Reviewer